Card Numbers – Quick and Easy

Physical access card smart probe (PACSprobe) is a software program to read card numbers, facility code and many more data items using desktop card readers with USB interface,

Access control installers love PACSprobe software utility. It can be configured to support any HID PROX card format. It is so easy to use … it doesn’t even have an “easy button”.

Building management staff uses our PACSProbe software to maintain and validate physical access cards. It allows maintenance engineers to check if an HID key fob is still working without the need of a door reader. A quick card check goes way beyond the simple green light & beep test of a physical access control system .

Presenting a card to an approved card reader, displays the card number that’s printed on the card. Worn-off fob labels won’t pose an issue anymore. Multiple data objects can be displayed with one card presentation.


PACSprobe supports all HID OMNIKEY desktop readers and is the ideal tool to check a card number of a fob that’s a little worn with a card number label that can’t be read anymore.


We developed this utility using our very own smart card library, SmartCard-API(professional) available at – a set of libraries available to software developers who want to write their own software applications using PC/SC compliant card readers in a .NET environment.

Feel free to contact us if with any requirements you need implemented in case you don’t want to write your own software.


Software to read HID Prox cards, HID iCLASS cards and fobs